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Youth Leadership Training

The Young Leaders Institute, if offering a youth leadership training forum that will take place onYouthLeadershipTraining-20160604 Saturday, June 4th at Dar Al-Hijrah.  They will have special guests from the White House, State Dept and USIP who will share their leadership experiences with the students as well as coach them on how to navigate through some of the most complex global problems.  Here’s some info about their program:

Young Leaders Institute missions itself to empower youth towards social entrepreneurship, social innovation and academic excellence, throughvarious platforms of leadership training.  The Institute was founded on the vision that “we believe in the power of young leaders rising to make a difference in the world”.  The training encompasses two main features:

  • a 12 hour comprehensive, hands-on leadership training seminar
  • inclusion into the Young Leaders Network, which is an ongoing post-training network that gives students unlimited access to a variety of academic and professional resources (mentorships, internships, webinars, conferences, etc…)

These are the leadership skills we work to develop with our youth:

  • inspirational storytelling • interpersonal reflection • communication skills building • identity recognition / perception • framing a personal narrative • leadership skills development • teamwork / collaboration / innovation • community engagement • public speaking and open discussion • common ground • global citizenry • much more

For more information or to register, please visit our website. Sponsorships and group discounts available!  Please share the attached flier on social media and with those who may be interested.

Nadia S Hassan, MBA
Young Leaders Institute
Global Talk

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